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Database Programming

eDesigns does so much more than putting a pretty face out there for the world to see. We are experienced in ASP, .NET, PHP, Javascript and other languages. This allows us to access and work with MS-SQL and mySQL databases on either Microsoft© IIS or Linux-based servers.

Relational database sites open up the possibility of user interaction into your site. Do you want to have user-specific pages and report data to them? Do you have a particular set of information that changes regularly and you want to be able to make those changes yourself? All these are possible with back-end databases.

Here's a few examples of how we have helped our customers with databases...

  • A church maintains an online library of their sermons. Audio of each Sunday's sermon is posted online for their congregants who are unable to attend or who are out of town and want to listen to last Sunday's sermon.
  • A bank makes extensive use of databases to maintain lists of branches, ATM's, and several other items.
  • A marketing company publishes an online newsletter, maintaining an archive online for their visitors to search and browse.
  • A church posts news articles and short devotionals
  • A manufacturer posts press releases and information about their products
  • A medical office maintains an online appointment booking so that patients can see what openings are in the schedule and request an appointment that suits their needs as well as the doctor's office.
  • Created a sophisticated log-in system for a client that makes use of current best practices.

If you want eDesigns to build a Web site that you can maintain yourself, called a CMS (Content Management System in the Web world), we have done that also. We provide an online method of maintaining the content in your own pages via an application that has a Microsoft Word-like feel to it. The entire process is Web-based with nothing installed on your local computer. This allows you to change the information on your site from any computer at any time.

Interested? REQUEST A QUOTE from us on a Web site. Let's talk about how eDesigns can help your business or church thrive on the Internet.

We also do custom work for other developers who want to outsource their database work. CONTACT US for more information.


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