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About Us

eDesigns Web Services is committed to designing and building web sites that reflect our customers. We believe that a web site should reflect the entity that it is representing. Our sites are built from the ground up, starting with a worksheet we provide to help lead the customer down the path of deciding what should go on their site. Your colors, your graphics, your look... We want to help you put it out there!

Our creative designs bring a focus to your presence out here. We work with businesses to make their ideas and products accessible to a Web-based market. We also have a strong desire to work with churches to establish their Web presence; to build sites that enable them to minister to their congregation and to reach out to others.

A new area we are branching out in is wedding Web sites. We custom design sites that match your wedding theme, with RSVP management systems, calendars, maps, and wedding wishes guest books.

We guarantee personal attention and creative detail on each and every site. We would like the opportunity to partner with you to put your bright idea on the Web.

Please CONTACT US about helping you with your Web project.


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